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Top 5 Reasons Why People Are Obsessed with Collagen 

another secret ingredient you may not know ;) 

1. Collagen Helps Repair a Leaky Gut

Nearly 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut. When your gut becomes leaky, toxins, food particles, and infections tear through your intestinal wall and enter your bloodstream, causing inflammation. Over time, this chronic inflammation can lead to autoimmunity. 

If you suffer from leaky gut syndrome, a condition in which bad-for-you toxins are able to pass through your digestive tract, collagen can be helpful. It assists in breaking down proteins and soothes your gut’s lining by infusing it with beneficial amino acids and healing damaged cell walls.

2. Better Skin. Better Hair. Better Nails. 

Collagen for skin? It’s considered the No. 1 collagen benefit for a reason. As we age, collagen production declines — it’s happening as you read this. You’ll notice it physically: looser skin, more wrinkles and less elasticity. Increasing collagen levels can help your skin look firmer, increase smoothness and assist in cell renewal and repair.

Collagen is an excellent supplement for strengthening weak and brittle nails. Not only that, but it can also help your hair to grow long and strong by increasing the body’s natural hair-building proteins. Collagen can also initiate hair growth and reduce the look of grey hairs, which is great for hair loss and ageing.

3. Reduces joint pain and degeneration

Have you ever felt like you’ve got “skeleton legs” — that is, legs that feel extra stiff and cause pain when you move? It’s likely collagen loss rearing its ugly head. That’s because when we lose collagen, our tendons and ligaments start moving with less ease, leading to stiffness, swollen joints and more. With its smooth, gel-like structure that covers and holds our bones together, collagen allows us to glide and move without pain.

4. Sleep Better and Improve Your Mood

Collagen is quietly being touted as a potent mood relaxer, sleep promotor and productivity booster.Human studies are showing that three grams of glycine (found in one collagen serving) taken before bed improves the quality of your sleep. In addition to normalizing sleep, glycine also helped alleviate the symptoms of sleep deprivation. So if you are sleepy during the day or have trouble falling asleep at night, it is worth getting some of the sleep benefits of collagen.

5. Collagen helps with wound healing

Collagen has an important role in wound healing. Collagen attracts fibroblasts to the wound site. Fibroblasts are the most common cells found in connective tissues. Essentially, collagen has great potential to stop bleeding, attract skin cells to the wound bed, and stimulate formation of new blood vessels. Collagen can also be left in wounds without irritating your skin or causing bacterial growth

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I don't usually write reviews but this product definitely deserves one. It is one of the best collagens I've tried so far. I've tried 3 different brands and I never really noticed a difference and of course they never really taste good either. I would always have to mix it with a drink. But this brand is so delicious that even if you just mix it with water it tastes good. And i also love that it dissolves really fast. I didn't get any bad side effects. I have noticed that i have less acne, less body aches, and it improved my hair growth. I highly recommend this product. I also would like to thank the company for making this product 🙏🏻🤗. - 
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